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10 questions with Arman Sood, Sleepy Owl Coffee

We texted Arman Sood, the Co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee, some questions. Check out his answers to the following:

  1. Take us through your daily morning routine.
  2. What is your most used app?
  3. Who was your last text to?
  4. The top song on your playlist.
  5. If you were given a chance to sell your company and retire wealthy, would you?
  6. What would you say is your best and worst habit?
  7. How much coffee do you drink in a day?
  8. What do you miss the most about law school?
  9. What do you love about working with Ashwajeet and Ajai?
  10. Two things you would change about working with Ashwajeet and Ajai?

Don’t forget to watch the videos where Arman speaks about the learning from his mistakes while starting up and bootstrap vs funding.

Minute 0.46

The top song on Arman’s playlist: Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont

Minute 1.04

Crossfit Create is Arman’s workout spot. DR Pro Tip:  CrossFit is a lifestyle characterised by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition.

Minute 1.22

What does Arman love about working with his co-founders?  He can work hard but party harder with them. #worklifebalance

A brief on Sleepy Owl Coffee:

Cold & hot brew coffee sourced all the way from Chikmagalur. These guys are changing the coffee game in India! Quick, easy and deliciously smooth coffee.

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