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10 questions with Raghav Chandra, UrbanClap

We texted Raghav Chandra, the Co-founder of UrbanClap (now known as Urban Company), some questions. Check out his answers to the following:

  1. Take us through your daily morning routine.
  2. What is your most used app?
  3. Who was your last text to?
  4. The top song on your playlist.
  5. If you were given a chance to sell your company and retire wealthy, would you?
  6. What would you say is your best and worst habit?
  7. What does your day-off look like?
  8. What inspired you to move to India?
  9. Which is your favourite travel destination?
  10. Which is your favourite song to dance to?

Don’t forget to watch the videos where Raghav speaks about the learning from his mistakes while starting up and bootstrap vs funding.

Minute 0.54

Raghav recommends using Slack during work hours, a cloud-based proprietary instant messaging platform which lets you choose which conversations are most important and which can wait, unlike emails.

Minute 1.25

The top song on Raghav’s playlist is by none other than Mr R. D. Burman (which he obviously dances to).

Watch some of the best songs by R. D. Burman here!

Minute 3.14

Raghav’s favourite travel destination? Africa. Although Raghav hasn’t been to an African Safari as yet, he thinks he would enjoy that.

Thinking of visiting a safari yourself? Check out some options here.

A brief on UrbanClap:

UrbanClap is India’s and UAE’s largest home service provider. Do you want a yoga teacher? A plumber? A manicure? Choose from over 25,000 trained and trusted professionals to take care of all your needs. Booking services through their app is quick, easy and hassle-free.

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