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Data Privacy and Protection with Sidhant Kumar.

Listen to Divya dialogue with Sidhant Kumar on data privacy and protection. What businesses need to be doing, and the right way to get customer consent to share data.

“Data privacy is no longer about peeping toms. It’s about surveillance capitalism.”

Q1. If I buy something online, will my data be shared with other companies?

Although there cannot be an unregulated exchange of personal data, there is data which is used by automated means to provide more efficient services. Therefore, these services do not cause harm and instead provide you with a better lifestyle.

Reasonable purpose processing is essential to harness the full potential of technology. As a result, there needs to be a balance in data utilisation.

Q2. Are the business models that depend on data for revenue in trouble?

Businesses may feed anonymous data to improve customer services. For example, receiving predictive repair suggestions won’t hurt a customer.

Anonymise the data, and question yourself why are you collecting that data. Make sure you collect only required data to make your business credible. Therefore, it cannot be bulk mining of data.

The business of the future is going to be much more intelligent and nuanced in the way it uses personal data.

Q3. How to maintain your credibility in front of your consumers?

  1. Share data with responsible parties.
  2. Conduct due diligence of those who you share data with.
  3. Plan how data is going to be utilised in your organisation.

Q4. What should your company privacy policy state?

Inform your consumers about the following in easy to understand bullet points. Make your privacy policy jargon-free. 

  • What is the data the customer is required to share?
  • How will your organisation use the data?

“The fulcrum of data protection today is effective notice and informed consent.”

Sidhant is an advocate specialising in technology regulatory matters such as data protection, telecom and internet governance. His writings on these issues have been published extensively including a book on privacy law that was cited by the Supreme Court of India in 2017. Find it here.

Have questions? Book the webinar with Sidhant here!

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