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Data Protection in India vs the World

The Story: Learn about the data protection law and privacy regulations in India versus the world with Sidhant Kumar. Sidhant is an advocate based in Delhi, specialising in technology regulatory matters.

Minute 0.38

Sidhant discusses how data is central to all our lives. Data is a reflection of all the economic transactions and the social interactions of a person. Therefore, data is no longer a human rights issue and is instead an existing everyday issue.

“Data privacy is no longer about the peeping Tom; it’s about the surveillance state.”

Minute 2.19

Sidhant states that India wants to promote its outsourcing industry v/s the world. As a result, India restricts cross-border data flow

DR Pro Tip: The restriction can lead to a trade war and reciprocal restrictions on data coming in and out of India.

Minute 4.03

The approach various jurisdictions have taken on privacy is entirely different from India’s approach. The USA has taken a light-touch regulation. The EU has adopted a stringent way of regulating data.

DR Pro Tip: The sledgehammer regulatory approach that India has adopted may kill innovation. 

Minute 7.12

Sidhant explains that monetary penalties should be imposed depending on the level of misdemeanour. Charging someone with criminal offences doesn’t serve the purpose and would lead to many individuals using ‘illegal‘ means to circle around the data protection laws of India.

Dialogue Room questions discussed in the video:

  • What is happening with the data protection law in India?
  • Why will data lead to a trade war?
  • Where does India stand against the USA or EU regulation law on data protection?
  • Should India make its regulatory framework for data protection and privacy like abroad?

Have questions? Book the webinar with Sidhant here!

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