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Data Protection: Know your rights as a consumer

Listen to Divya dialogue with Sidhant Kumar about data protection and your rights as a consumer in India.

Q.1 As a consumer, what should I do, if I find someone misusing my data?

Check out the following if you find someone using your data without your consent:

  1. Download TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) DND app – to report messages and calls that are unconsented.

  2. If you find someone involved in clandestine photography (publishing pictures when you’re in a private moment) there are existing provisions under the Indian penal code under which you can lodge/file a complaint.

  3. For financial information being leaked out, register a complaint through the RBI ombudsman.

  4. Regarding other miscellaneous data leaks, check out the reasonable security practices rules and regulations under the IT Act / you can also send your complaint to the adjudicating officer.

DR Pro Tip: TRAI DND is a free app available on android / ios. It helps consumers curb unwanted telemarketing calls/SMS by reporting to their respective telecom service provider (TSP).

Q.2 Where is India heading with the new data protection bill?

  1. The personal data protection bill has outstanding provisions in terms of notice, consent and requirements that it imposes on people who collect data. However, the complaint redressal mechanism still needs to be improved. There needs to be direction and guidance on how to make it accessible to ordinary consumers who may or may not have access to legal representation.

  2. As a company, think about the data before collecting it. Conduct due diligence and work on your consumer’s confidence and credibility. Draft privacy policies that reflect the true intentions of your business and services.

  3. As a consumer, we need to be vigilant and think before filling out online forms, clicking ‘I accept’, ticking the checkboxes. Think about what data you’re sharing. Your data is yours, and you are responsible for it.

Listen to Sidhant talk about Data Privacy & Protection: Top Tips here!

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