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Dialogue with Dr Geetanjali, President, Wishes & Blessings

Hear Divya dialogue with Dr Geetanjali Chopra, Founder & President, Wishes and Blessings on the social sector and the business of an NGO. Dr Geetanjali is an academician, researcher, columnist, and philanthropist with over ten years of experience in research and administration. 

“When charity begins at home, philanthropy becomes a part of the family’s DNA.”

Established in 2014 with a mission to ‘inspire and empower dreams’, Wishes and Blessings is a registered NGO that has emerged as a unique platform for helping the underprivileged. 

Their aim is to spread blessings and fulfil wishes by linking beneficiaries with donors. They work across the spectrum of society surpassing age and gender barriers on diverse causes including education, health, skill development and relief.

Today, the NGO has more than 20 centres across Delhi-NCR and works on multiple causes including Food for All, Accessible Education, Healthier Lives and Elder Care.

Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q.1 How was the seed of wishes & blessings planted?

Wishes & Blessings is a personal story for Dr Geetanjali, it began from her grandfather taking her to a school to meet underprivileged children during her childhood and the seed was planted then.

Q.2 You left a successful career for an NGO, what was the transformation like? 

You should make the transition slowly.

Q.3 In a country, where you’re supposed to be either a lawyer, doctor, engineer how fulfilling and helpful has it been changing professions and what are the lessons learnt? 

Q.4 Wishes & Blessings has always been an integral part of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. What is it like being part of such a huge platform and the execution behind it? Does it actually take an army?

Q.5 Talk us through the challenges an NGO is facing during a pandemic like COVID-19?

Q.6 What has been your biggest learning so far?

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