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Digital Mapping & technology with MapmyIndia

Hear divya dialogue with Rohan Verma, the CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia, a digital mapping and deep technology company. MapMyIndia, is a truly Indian company with 25 years of passion, working towards making India smart and digital – it offers digital map data, telematics, location-based SaaS and geographic information services

The Move app, a product within MapmyIndia is India’s first super app for maps, mobility, safety, hyperlocal social discovery & features such as mapping live traffic. MapmyIndia has actually managed to map around 6.5 million km of India, covering the length and breadth of the country. The Move app has also recently won the AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Challenge.

Questions discussed on the podcast:  

Q. What is the core problem you are trying to solve with MapmyIndia?

Q. How difficult has it been building a digital map of India?

Q. How long before eLoc becomes a national reality? (a 6 digit code for every address)

Q. How do you differentiate your product from Google maps? What do you offer that Google maps do not?

Q. Does MapmyIndia make ad revenue like Google?

Q. MapmyIndia follows a B2B2C model more than a direct B2C consumer model. How does one figure out what would be the best model for their company to operate it?

Q. How is MapmyIndia technology aiding local startups? 

Q. What can we expect in the future with MapmyIndia technology?

Q. What would you say your biggest mistake has been in this industry as an entrepreneur?

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