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Going Organic With Seema, Founder, Nourish Organics

Listen to Divya dialogue with Seema Jindal Jajodia, Founder, Nourish Organics about how India is going organic and choosing healthier options.

“Organic food doesn’t mean compromising on taste. It means enriching your health along with your taste.”

Why is organically grown food healthier than non-organic?

Foods grown non-organically have a high number of pesticides and fertilisers in them. That is, in turn, harmful to everyone. The locust attack in June 2020 was an example of how fertilisers and pesticides attract harmful insects. Organic farming is not dependent on any sort of chemicals and hence, keeps you and your food safe. 

FYI With DR: The government of India had given farmers chemicals to boost the growth of wheat and other crops. 

What is the concept of Nourish Organics?

Seema shares, “Ten years ago organic wasn’t a known word. I only started researching organic food due to some cancer cases in my family, and the doctor wanted us to give them organic foods.” 

Foods On The Go

Most organic foods back then were in the form of grains. It was tough to find something ready-made that was also healthy. When travelling or at airports, the ready-made options are unhealthy, like chips and biscuits. Nourish organics provides a healthier substitute for snacks on the go.

Wide Range

Nourish Organics has a wide range of ready-made products like cereals, cookies and health bars. It is convenient for urban living and comes in various varieties. 

FYI With DR: Nourish Organics produces its sugar from organic products like fruits, dates or figs, rather than producing refined sugar.

Are all organic foods genuine?

No. Hence, it’s crucial to review validity and know who are the people behind the brand whose products you are purchasing.

Personalise Your Brand

Seems shares, “for the products we are distributing, I have put my story and signature behind the product packaging to give backing and personalise my brand. It’s my word for the goodness of it.”


Getting certification for your brand is a challenge. However, it is essential to have the right certificates that validate your efforts. 

DR Pro Tip: If you switch to organic foods long enough, you can identify artificial flavours in foods to know if they are genuine or not.

How does Nourish Organics ensure its quality check at various levels? 

“Certification is key.”


Initially, Nourish Organics was buying their products directly from farmers. However, it was a challenge for farmers to fetch certification for their products due to lack of education and money. Seema shares that she was on the board of the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA) that helps educate farmers and get certification for their products. 

FYI With DR: India has over 835,000 organic farmers. 


Eventually, Nourish Organics grew and connected with several vendors to cater to a large number of materials they need. These vendors provide certification that the products come from organic sources.

DR Pro Tip: The mountain states already have the scope of becoming 100% organic. Sikkim has been declared India’s first fully organic state

How has Nourish Organics changed the healthy game?

Four-five years ago, people were not inclined to organic foods. Hence, they would choose to binge on unhealthier alternatives. Over the course of these years, Nourish Organics has grown and has increased distribution across various channels. Today people are conscious of their choices.

Boosting Immunity

Now, due to COVID-19, people are consciously shifting to organic food to boost immunity. People are eliminating artificial foods from their diet. Hence, “COVID-19 has led an organic revolution.”

DR Pro Tip: Healthy granola bars and cakes can be baked at home with organic oats and sugar.

How has Nourish Organics coped with COVID-19?

Seema states, “Any FMCG company that is cash strapped right now will find it very tough to survive.”

Well Stocked

When COVID hit India, Nourish Organics was well stocked on inventory and never stopped producing. 

Stay In – Work In

Nourish Organics made provisions for their workers to stay in the factories and work. Therefore, their exposure was limited. 

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