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Hydroponic Farming and Innovation with Triton Foodworks

Hear Divya dialogue with Dhruv Khanna, Co-founder, Triton Foodworks on how he created a startup that utilises innovation like hydroponic farming and other smart farming techniques in the Indian agriculture sector. Triton Foodworks was also part of the coveted Forbes Asia and Forbes India 30Under30 list. 

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Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. What is the business model of Triton Foodworks? What is hydroponics farming?

Q. What is the gap in the industry you saw when establishing Triton in India?

Q. The Indian agriculture industry is archaic, and we see significantly less innovation here, why? What more unconventional solutions do we need to tackle the problems faced in this industry?

Q. Your background is not in agriculture, what prompted you to enter this sector? What challenges have you faced?

Q. You have been part of the coveted Forbes list of entrepreneurs in Asia and India, what was this experience like for you personally? Any learnings/takeaways from this experience?

Q. Are you mostly bootstrapped? Any tips on creating a sustainable business plan for early age startups? Is there a “right time” to get funding?

Q. Any shoutouts to startups you feel are doing a fantastic job revolutionising agriculture in India? What innovations do you think are still required/necessary in this sector?

Q. Looking back, what would you have done differently when establishing Triton? Your biggest learning as an entrepreneur? 

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