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Legal-tech startup of India with, Anubhav, CEO, LegalMind

Hear Divya dialogue with Anubhav Mishra, Co-founder & CEO of LegalMind, a legal-tech startup of India. LegalMind is India’s first litigation analytics platform and uses technology and artificial intelligence enabling legal professionals to understand legal data in a whole new way.

The first question every client asks a lawyer is, ‘How much time will it take for my case to be resolved?’ No lawyer has the exact answer. LegalMind’s algorithm will be able to identify trends like how long will it take for a case to be solved, how much will they be fined and so on.

Questions discussed in the podcast:

Q. What’s the core problem LegalMind is trying to solve?

Q. How hard has it been to incorporate artificial intelligence in what is seen as a completely black and white “book driven” legal industry?

Q. Why are we seeing such less innovation in the legal industry in terms of startups trying to solve problems?

Q. What is your model? B2B or B2C, and why?

Q. How far is India behind compared to other western jurisdiction in legal innovation and AI-driven platforms, why do you feel this gap exists?

Q. Has funding been hard for you, as its a relatively new concept in India and there’s no competition?

Q. What would you say your biggest mistake has been in this industry as an entrepreneur? Or your biggest learning?

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