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Reimagining the F&B Sector with CAARA

Hear Divya dialogue with Ambika Seth, Director, CAARA on how she and her co-founder, Alice reimagined and innovated the F&B sector of India.

CAARA is an umbrella company for a catering service, a farm and restaurants, and has started a culinary revolution in India. Their brick & mortar spaces have come up at some of Delhi’s top culture and fashion names such as The British Council, Ogaan, and Nicobar & they also have a catering service. Their motto is simple, high quality organic, food delivered spectacularly. 

Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. A catering business, restaurants in Delhi, and a cookery school, there’s undoubtedly a lot on going on under the CAARA umbrella, what is your core business?

Q. What’s the gap in the industry you saw when establishing CAARA?

Q. Your product was niche catering to a niche market. With the evolution of eating right/organic food, standalone restaurants, and a more well-travelled/read clientele – has this affected your business?

Q. Fresh produce is very crucial in your business + being locally sourced. Walk us through how COVID-19 has affected this? How hard/easy is organic farming in India, and why?

Q. We see a lot of innovation in the food and beverage industry, with cloud kitchens, tech startups in agriculture farming etc. – does tech play a crucial rule in your business?

Q. Is the F&B sector quite crowded now, more so because of COVID-19? What are your thoughts? Some tips on creating a sustainable F&B brand?

Q. What are some key rules/mottos you live by at your work? CAARA is an iconic Indian F&B brand now, how hard or easy has it been?

Q. Looking back, what would you have done differently when establishing CAARA? Your biggest learning as an entrepreneur?

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