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Robins At Work

What is Robin Hood Army (RHA)?

Robin Hood Army is a zero-funds, volunteer-based organisation that collects surplus food from restaurants, weddings and events. They then package and distribute the food to the underprivileged. Currently, Robin Hood Army is present in 10 countries and 103 cities across India. 

The community initiative has over 60,000 volunteers cross India. The Robins are students and young professionals who work part-time as volunteers to help the initiative. As a result, the organisation has fed 5 million stomachs and more in counting. 

Who is Aarushi Batra?

Aarushi Batra is the co-founder of Robin Hood Army. She has been with the organisation since 2014. Together three co-founders run the initiative from across the world. 

What is the business model of RHA?

RHA follows a de-centralised model, where the volunteers in every city are in-charge of tying up with restaurants and scouting for locations to distribute the food. There are no monetary funds involved. Hence the only thing required from the volunteers is time. 

Mission 30M

The mission 30M stands for feeding 30 million people across India from 1st July ’20 to 15th August ’20. Thus, the aim is to help people who have lost livelihoods and family members due to the pandemic. Over the last six years, Robin Hood Army has become one of the largest community initiatives in the world. 

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