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Startup Series with Arman Sood, Sleepy Owl Coffee – Part 1

The Story:

Learn from the successful entrepreneurial journey of Arman Sood, co-founder of Sleepy Owl Coffee about the mistakes startups tend to make initially and how to avoid them.

Minute 0:30

The inspiration behind Sleepy Owl? Arman shares how at law school he and his co-founder started a bar and party accessory business which led them to learn all aspects of entrepreneurship. This was the build-up to Sleepy Owl. “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Minute 1:16

The conception of Sleepy Owl:  After realising that there were thousands of people like Arman who were ‘okay’ drinking ready-mix coffee, Sleepy Owl founders decided to give people access to convenient & good quality coffee, and that’s how the idea was conceived.

DR Pro Tip: To get investment, you will have to convert your LLP (limited liability partnership) to a private limited company. Want to know how? Click here.

Minute 3:56

Arman stresses that maximum effort needs to be put in to learn about the industry even if you don’t have the industry experience. Arman and team took a trip to Chikmagalur to spend time with coffee farmers, understanding coffee as a commodity and how the price fluctuates around it.

Minute 7:25

Persevere hard enough for that one person to believe in you.” – Arman Sood

DR Pro Tip: Have co-founders who bring a different skill set but have the same end goal for the company!

Dialogue Room questions discussed in the video:

  • What was the inspiration behind Sleepy Owl?
  • What were the reasons you kept powering through?
  • What were the first few mistakes you made while starting out?
  • If you had the chance, would you do anything differently?

A brief on Sleepy Owl Coffee:

Cold & hot brew coffee sourced all the way from Chikmagalur. These guys are changing the coffee game in India! Quick, easy and deliciously smooth coffee.

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