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Startup Series with Deepshikha Kumar, SpeakIn – Part 2

The Story:

Learn from the successful entrepreneurial journey of Deepshikha Kumar Anand, Co-Founder of SpeakIn about bootstrapping vs funding and the right way to find investors to grow your startup.

Minute 1:39

The right time to put money in your startup? When you realise your business model will have a wide-ranging impact.

Minute 2:23

Deepshikha discusses the ‘Aha!’ moment, the time when SpeakIn decided to seek external funding. Her take on this – don’t raise funds until you have a proof of concept.

Minute 4:15

In the age of VCs, HNIs, Incubators, Accelerators and many others looking to invest in a startup, Deepshikha shares her views on how to decide who to approach and the strategy behind it.

DR pro tip: Start networking from day -10.

Minute 5:53

Deepshika’s suggests ways to approach investors for funds:

  • Attend events
  • Write to the investors
  • Approach via LinkedIn
  • Use SpeakIn
  • Meet them for coffee

Dialogue Room questions discussed in the video: 

  • What was your bootstrapping strategy?
  • Did you burn a lot of cash while starting out? How did you manage?
  • What advice will you give on how to approach funding?

A brief on SpeakIn:

SpeakIn, founded in 2016, is Asia’s largest network of business experts and thought leaders. With over 15,000 experts, SpeakIn is engaged by business organisations, academic institutions, associations etc. Individuals can also engage with experts to gain individual guidance and seek mentorship for personal development.

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