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Startup Series with Dhruv Mathur, LBB – Part 1

The Story:

Learn from the successful entrepreneurial journey of Dhruv Mathur, Co-Founder of Little Black Book (LBB) about the mistakes startups tend to make initially and how to avoid them.

Minute 2:32

Hear Dhruv talk about reporting mechanisms like KRA & KPI he has incorporated in LBB. Dhruv’s learnings come from John Doerr’s book, ‘Measure What Matters’. 

Find below the link of the book. We suggest you buy this immediately and incorporate reporting mechanisms in your startup early on. 

Measure What Matters by John Doerr

Minute 5:27 

Dhruv believes in being optimistic, and he calls it “Delusional Optimism” – every founder should have this! This mantra has helped him make LBB a successful startup. It also helps that Suchita, the CEO & founder and the #bosswoman behind LBB is a super optimistic person with vibrant energy who can uplift their whole organisation. 

DR Pro Tip: Write positive stuff on your mirror, be positive and stay positive. Startup life is tough, but keep on trucking. 

Dialogue Room questions discussed in the video:  

  • What were the first few mistakes you made while starting out?
  • How did you deal with the situation?
  • What were the key skills that helped you to keep pushing ahead?
  • What were the lessons learned from the mistakes?
  • If you had the chance, would you do anything differently?

A brief on LBB: 

What started as a Tumblr blog now has over 3.5 million monthly users. The five-year old platform caters to customers by closing the gap on discovery and transaction, says Suchita Salwan, the CEO and founder of LBB. Dhruv Mathur adds his expertise as the CTO and co-founder integrating technology with the existing LBB model. 

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