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The Edtech industry of India with Shreyasi, CEO & Founder, Harappa Education

Listen to Divya dialogue with Shreyasi Singh, CEO & Founder, Harappa Education, on what’s next for the edtech industry of India. Edtech is a billion-dollar industry, and India is home to over 4,450 edtech startups. Hear how Harappa Education is staying ahead of the curve.

Harappa is an ed-tech startup founded in 2018, which enables professionals to learn life skills at scale, leveraging digital learning technologies and online pedagogical tools. The startup offers a curriculum of ‘5 Habits’ and ‘25 Skills’, which is delivered through an online-first approach. It recently completed a round of funding from James Murdoch-led Lupa Systems.

Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. What is you take on formal education in India?

Q. Do you believe the Indian education industry is in need of a major overhaul?

Q Bootstrapping is not easy in edtech, any tips here?

Q. Edtech is booming. Wherever you see there is a webinar, and there is a lot of competition in the market. How do you manage to stay ahead of the curve?

Q. Edtech is a billion-dollar industry, however, there are many players. Do you feel the pie is big enough for everyone or the market is getting saturated?

Q. Post-COVID, once schools/colleges will technology still play such a crucial role in education?

Q. What would you say your biggest mistake has been in this industry as an entrepreneur? Or your biggest learning?

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