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The Electric Bike Industry – What’s next?

Hear divya dialogue with Nilesh R Bothra, the Co-Founder & CEO of Calamus on the future of the electric bike industry and what’s next for the electric vehicle market. Calamus has developed the world’s safest and most advanced electric bike, the Ultrabike. With customers from over 27 different countries, they are taking Indian developed technology and innovation to the global stage. 

” The nationwide lockdown in the wake of the pandemic has marked a long-term positive impact on the electric vehicular industry, especially electric bikes, worldwide and in India.”

Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. The electric bike market is expected to grow heavily during and post COVID-19 worldwide, speak to us about how sales have been for you? Which country tops your list?

Q. Is the electric bike market facing only a COVID-19 assisted boom? What happens after? 

Q. Can you explain your business model in more detail? Why chose to crowdfund? 

Calmus wants to support startups who want to understand how crowdfunding works. Here are some super helpful articles!

Q. The electric bike is environment-friendly, significant health benefits and has the Indian govt support but does the infrastructure support this industry? Do you even get the complete experience on a normal/dirt road?

Q. Owning a car is an economic symbol for upward mobility in India – what are your thoughts on this? How do you change the consumer behaviour pattern of a developing country like India?

Q. We are going to see electric cars in India by 2021, and infrastructure will be developed for it, by the likes of Uber, charging points etc. What happens to the electric bike market? Will the electric cars movement aid the electric bike movement also as its a complementary industry? A bane or a boon?

Q. Bike-sharing is a thrilling new model of public and private transportation that has rapidly emerged in recent years – do you form part of this or any plans to in the future? Your thoughts on the dockless bike-sharing market?

Q. Battery maintenance is a significant concern with e-bikes. Electric bike batteries have a limited life span, which is about 2-3 years for lithium-ion chemistry. Is this the case today as well?

Q. What would you say your biggest mistake has been in this industry as an entrepreneur? Or your most significant learning?

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