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The past, present, and future of Uber India

Hear Divya dialogue with Pavan Vaish, on the past, present and future of Uber India, especially during COVID-19. Pavan Vaish is the Head of Driver and Supply Operations, Uber India and South Asia.

Our rides business has been hit due to the pandemic. But there has been an increase in demand for food delivery. Once we get past the pandemic, we will have 2 jewels within Uber.”

Uber is a logistics company. It’s best known for providing rides and now delivering food & essentials, We know what Uber does it specialises in connecting a customer and a driver to get something, at its core it’s a ride-hailing company. Dut to COVID-19 Uber has taken a hit, the nimblest of ride-hail companies won’t be able to make to the switch to food delivery overnight, despite demand from global consumers. But companies like Uber that specialise in logistics and have experience adapting rapidly to changing demand, can they manage this? Globally, Uber Eats is the largest food delivery company, let’s hear what’s in store for Uber India.

Divya and Pavan discuss:

Q. How does Uber India’s model differ with its USA counterpart? How is it competing in India with Ola?

Q. What is the business strategy for Uber India right now? Is it B2B/B2C?

Q. During COVID-19, it’s essential to build trust with your drivers, how are you managing this?

Q. Will a logistics company like Uber be able to make the switch to food delivery overnight, due to Covid-19?

Q. Is Uber still focused on becoming a sustainable mobility platform?

Q. Your thoughts on job creation for India’s gig economy? Is it working?

Q. What would you say your biggest learning has been working with a company like Uber?

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