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The World of Data Analytics & Privacy

Hear Divya dialogue with, Havish Madhvapaty, on the changing world of data analytics & privacy. Data is oil/gold and everything – if used well it can transform a startup quickly, and help in its growth. But many people don’t even know what data to collect, or why and how.

Data security and privacy is key to all conversations around data – even as a data scientist and data analyst. Handling data better than others can be its own USP in a way.

They discuss:

Q. What is the changing role of data analytics in organisations? Is there a spike in data collection due to COVID-19?

Q. More data is being generated, which leads to there being more unstructured data. – how should an organisation balance this?

Q. Discussing industry examples on how you can use data right to grow your startup.

Q. The debate between collection required data and data privacy in India and the world.

Q. How do you create a positive data-driven culture in your company? How much data should a company collect?

Q. Will AI & ML take away jobs?

Q. Healthcare vs ed-tech sector, the collection of data varies. Can different sectors benefit from data collection, and how?

Q. What is the biggest problem companies face with data analyses/collection?

Q. What will the next 2 years look like in a data-driven economy?

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