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The world of two brothers organic farms with Satyajit, Co-founder, TBOF

Hear Divya dialogue with Satyajit Hange, Co-founder, Two Brothers Organic Farms on how two brothers who quit their banking careers got into organic farming. In a village near Pune, India, there’s a lush green organic farm which is rich in its soil nutrients. The farm, managed by two brothers, clocks a yearly turnover of INR 12 crores.

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Questions discussed on the podcast:

Q. Why did you and your brother quit your day jobs and begin TBOF? What is the gap in the industry you saw when developing TBOF?

Q. What are the benefits of organic farming vis-à-vis normal farming? How long does it take for a farm to become completely organic in India?

Q. Why the hype behind organic farming? Are you seeing an increase in sales/and the whole concept in general due to COVID-19?

Q. There is a significant portion of society that perceives organic food as a luxury, is this still the case in India? How far out are we compared to the West?

Q.India has an estimated 800,000 organic farmers – the largest in the world, but organic farming in India comes with many hurdles. Stricter regulations, educating the farmers – how do you deal with this?

Q. What do you think the agriculture sector still needs in a developing country like India, and what should the govt be doing?

Q. We are seeing massive innovation in the agri-tech industry – what innovations do you think are still required/necessary in this sector?

Q.Placemaking helps communities to re-imagine everyday spaces in the city. Farmer’s market is a concept of placemaking. Why do you feel a concept like this cannot be developed further in India? 

Q. Looking back, what would you have done differently when establishing TBOF? Your biggest learning as an entrepreneur?

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